Future Tense of Russian Verbs


Today we will continue exploring Russian verbs and topic is the future tense. When forming the future tense one needs to be aware of the aspect of the verb – imperfective verbs denote incomplete actions while perfective verbs denote completed or definitely repeating actions. For instance "I will work" will be translated "я буду работать" (imperfective) and "I will work for three hours" translates as "Я поработаю три часа" (perfective).

Forming future tense is pretty straightforward:

Imperfective verb future is formed by adding a conjugated "быть" verb to the infinitive form.

Perfective verbs are conjugated by number and person normally (Perfective verbs have no present tense)

Good explanation of the future tense is available in Russian/Grammar/Future tense - Wikibooks, open books for an open world.