More Irregular Russian Verbs


Picking up these three verbs today:

verbs быть (to be), дать (to give), and есть (to eat) have an archaic, non-past form.

From the excellent The Ultimate Guide to Russian Verbs: Both Irregular and Regular.

So, let's see how verbs дать and есть conjugate:

дать - to give

я дам - I give
ты дашь - you give
он, она, оно даст - he/she/it gives
мы дадим - we give
вы дадите - you give
они дадут - they give

есть - to eat

я ем  - I eat
ты ешь - you eat
он, она, оно ест - he/she/it eats
мы едим - we eat
вы едите - you eat
они едят - they eat

I will dig into specialties of быть later separately.